A Market Awakes Snor City

Join Market@theSheds this Saturday, 28 October for its 3rd Birthday Celebration. Discover the True Colours of the Capital!

This milestone celebrates the change that Market@theSheds, its founders and ever-growing family of designers, fashionistas, art- and food vendors has brought to the CBD of Pretoria.

Their story is nothing short of inspirational – and proof of how collective action and persistence can overcome the obstacles of current city challenges.
What started as a journey to find the perfect city venue for a corporate function in 2013, marked the beginning of a quiet metamorphosis of the CBD of Pretoria. Traditionally the shopping and trading hub of a nation, the inner city was steadily running empty – and running down.

It was time to wake up the gentle sleeping giant, to cause a stir, to create the change from the ground-up. Something needed to happen that could tip the scales to creating a rejuvenation success story in the capital’s CBD.

A love for the city, passion for its potential and an abundance of creativity became the cornerstones of a subcultural movement of residents who wanted to roll up their sleeves and get actively involved in redefining the personality of a city they loved dearly.

The market was launched in October 2014 as the first project of the Capital Collective, a non-profit public- and community driven initiative, focused on regeneration projects and events in the Pretoria CBD. Market@theSheds collaborates with Cityproperty and the City of Tshwane, who has commended the initiative as one of the successful regeneration projects in the CBD.

Market@theSheds is a monthly mix of market and festival, providing a space where local art, music, fashion and design can develop and flourish. It is not just a quick-win, once-off event. From its conceptualisation, it focused on sustainability and long-term solutions, driving economic-, art- and culture development, social cohesion and tourism.

It usually happens every last Saturday of the month at 012central, Cityproperty’s trendy multi-space precinct development near the State Theatre. Dates sometimes vary according to long weekends and holidays.

After the Birthday celebration this Saturday (28 October), the market will be popping-up on Brooklyn Mall’s rooftop on the 25th of November and the last market of the year will take the form of an Afro-Brazilian Festival on 2 December. This event will be co-hosted with the Embassy of Brazil.

The market is loved by a wide variety of visitors of all ages and has a laid-back, cosmopolitan feel. It attracts a mix of food lovers and culinary connoisseurs, fashion and style trendsetters, arts, craft and music enthusiasts, and is rounded-off by groups of family and friends, simply out to have some good fun.

An entrance fee of R50 is payable to help fund the initiative. Children, Vespa riders and cyclists enter free. The market starts at 11:00 and finishes at 18:00.

It offers excellent facilities including:
• Free parking at 012central in Sisulu Street. (Overflow parking is available in the State Theatre.)
• Outdoor and indoor seating accommodating big groups of friends and families
• Kids entertainment area and jumping castles
• Disabled facilities
The Capital Collective team is working on various other exciting projects with the City of Tshwane and other role-players, building on the success of the Market@theSheds initiative.
Read more about the market on www.marketatthesheds.co.za
Read more about Capital collective on www.capitalcollective.co.za

For more information please contact:
• info@capitalcollective.co.za / 071 493 5181 / 082 854 6854

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