Market@theSheds is a project of the Capital Collective, a non-profit driving inner-city rejuvenation in Pretoria CBD. Described as an African urban experience, it merges the best of city markets with the flavours of South Africa’s Capital, with local entrepreneurs, designers, artists and musicians forming the bulk of the exhibition. Inspired by the beauty and realness of the city and its people, the market aims to provide a platform for local economic and cultural development in the city.

The atmospheric ambiance draws a diverse group of people from all walks of life: fashionistas, art lovers, foodies, musicians, shopaholics, tourists, explorers, trendsetters and socialites of all ages. Visitors like to hang out with friends or family and enjoy gourmet coffee, craft beer, fine wines, cocktails, gourmet food, laid-back music, design, fashion, art and interesting people.

All in all, there are between 50 and 60 stands at the market with a pop up art exhibition and an open stage where local artists create a laid-back, acoustic, jazzy atmosphere. It is located at 012central, the trendy multi-space precinct in the Pretoria CBD.